Lest's use power transformer for Audio OUT put transformer.

Este parte usando Transformador de poder para Audio que tal ?

many person said ,can be use any kind of power transformer for audio
out put transformer insted Audio output transformer.even Wiliamson amplifier
was used normal transformer instead audio transformer.wiliamson amplifier
is push pull transformer but does not usr sandwich wound transforer.

This time I did use one of small 1.5W 100V in 18V AC ouput transforemer for
hobby.pic 1

Test Amplifier is RCA 45 Single Ended Amplifier 1.5W rms.
connectes each other transformer and amplifier. pic 2
just hookup oscloscope in out out put of Transformer.

Law of Transformer: if are you using single ended amplifier transformer.
single Transformer capability is a double of push pull transformer.
so 10W power single ended transformer size made up 20W of push pull amplifier.
just say 20W push pull transfor size is same size of single ended 10W transformer size.
how can you get Audio Transformer your local home town.?????
could be use Power Transformer 110V 12V 20W-10W for 6V6 Single ended Amplifier.
even you can use for 6L6GC instead Audio normal transformer.

show picture
pic1 pic3
conected trans

checking Trasnformer and connected speaker system. output power is about 0.5W rms.
I got 1.5W rms when I used normal 7W transformer.sound is nothing problem from speaker.
Good sound get from small transformer.

1 KHz OUT PUT 10Khz

2 of out put , 1 Khz and 10Khz . sound is good from RCA 45 Single Ended Amplifier.

2009-May-Sakura Chiba Japan
K  Mizushima a part of single ended dot com