there are 2 type of positive grid amplifiers .one of Master Shishido Amplifier
and one of Master Soya Amplifier.both are typical positive transmitting tube
amplifier.they are build up these amplifier early 90'.very famouse amplifiers in Japan.
under RCA 811A Tubes use.both person use just same kind of positive
grid tubes 811A , 830 ,838 , 801 etc  for Transmitter .

  811A SE Positive Grid Kouichi(Nobu) Shishido.1992.    15 W rms.
  Mr Shishido Amplifier circuit here you can see Click

 Mr S Soya Direct coupling positive grid Amplifier .he is still going to build up new type
 amplifiers using transmitting tubes.(13 W rms.)

 And my circuit is next.I don't have big power transfomer so some parts of voltage are diffarent
 .and should be modificated from Soya amplifier.a little bit diffarent .but I got 9 W rms.


Last up date 19th Jan 2004 Japan.