Komiya Amplifiers

                        Old tubes Single Ended Amplifiers.etcetora,,
                   2 type of amplifier.direct heating and indirect heating amplifiers.

Komiya Amplifier's almost use Famouse Japanese Transformer

His amplifier's are almost small power amplifier and use old Tango Transformer , Tamura and Lux.sometime he built up one of Transformer by his self.means Hand Made Transformer.

                                  EL 33 Single Ended Amplifier 4W RMS

                               46 Single Ended Amplifier 1.5 W RMS

WE 311 Single Ended Amplifier

                        45 Single Ended Amplifier ( 2 W rms ) Click to see circuit

                     71 SE Amplifier 1 W rms(Hand Made Transfomer)

                                6BQ5 (EL84) Push Pull Amplifier 17 W rms

                   6N6 Single Ended Amplifier

                2 A 3 Single Ended Amplifier


              10( VT25 ) Single Ended Amplifier

               WE375A Single Ended Amplifier(26th Mar 2004)

GE 6DZ7 PP Amplifier(3rd Feb 2005)

all transister  pre amplifier June 2005

WE 336A Single Ended Amplifier sept 2005
30Hz - 120Khz very wide range at -3dB
He said  better than WE 350B
pure audio is WE 336A

50CA10 SE Single Ended Amplifier Nov 2006
3W rms max power because use small power transformer 1st stages is 6201 Toshiba

It is not only phisical view are good , very sweet sound made up. can't belive feel better than semiconductor amplifier. much more better and looks very cute.

Last up date 5th Oct 2009

And other small expensive Amplifiers by Komiya




OPT-23S by Toei

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