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USD $ 2800 dollars HO808-v2 Hatt Audio Transformer

PSVANE 300B using 300B Single Ended Amplifier low cost model update 15th Oct 2019


this counter started 2015 MAY

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This counter started 29er Apr 2019

PCL 86 Push Pull

USD $ 1600 dollars send by EMS and Voltage is depend on your country


Prefeed EL84 Single Ended Amplifier 3.5 W rms USD $ 1600


$2900 USD using HO-808v2 Hatt Audio Lab Transformer 300B is only psvane or some chinese

FC20 300B

FC 20S ISO Transformer using 300B Single Ended Amplifier USD $ 3000

Takumu Type

H-20-3.5U Hashimoto using 300B Single Ended Amplifier USD $ 3000 + include Shipping

2A3/45 SET

FC-12S ISO Transformer 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier USD $ 3000 45 not include only 2A3 Perque Drive

cocoliso Type

HC-20-3.5U using 300B Single Ended Amplifier-Type cocoliso USD $ 3000

45/300B SET

45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier FC-20S ISO Transformer USD $ 3000 .valve 45 not include

Bohemia 2A3

Bohemia Special 2A3/45/71A Single Ended Amplifier Price is $ 4000/2021 //$3000 /on 2022//>


Kanade 300B on 1st Jan 2022 made by Mizushima Kanade using H 20 3.5U Hashimoto Audio Transoformer

price is USD $ 3000 dollars shipping include. 300B not include I am using PSVANE 

depend on rate of $USD .if do you order from south america and south africa USD $ 3200 dollars for additional.
fee for shipping .actually shipping cost is changed after covid 19.these area are USD 600 dollars shipping cost.

2A3/45 FC20S ISO Transformer and shipping ,total price USD $ 3000 dollars.but 45 not include.
Please ask before order.and any amplifier has 2 volume control and without volume control no make.

so my product is almost USD $ 3000
I am doing build up low cost Single Ended Amplifier so please ask price and any question.
Price changes daily. If you want my amp, ask for the price. first

Parafeed EL84

USD $ 1500 on 2023 new product


USD $ 1500 dollars include shipping and valves,only RCA input MM.


KT88 Single Ended Amplifier USD $ 2700 /2800 can be use EL34 and KT120

This Amplifier using FC-20S(USD$ 3000) or H20 3.5S(USD $ 3000) only you can use some pentodo

very Important notice

Please ask price I did indicated close all of amplifier price is USD $ 3000 but every day USD Dollars rate is different
if would like to get Mizushima Amplifier please write to me then I will tell you real price . kenji/Lagarto

Please understand same way shipping cost is going up when rate of Yen is going down
very low cost amplifier can not make going down price almost components are imported so going up price.
and 300B are going up price at so no change price before covid 19.

These product are Made in Japan Up to date 13rd Nov 2022

If would like to know more info

Hand Made Amplifier Located Sakura Chiba Japan

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