*  2A3/45/71A Single Ended Amplifier
counter started 1st Jan 2012
Kayra by Mizushima
Kayra single ended amplfier

2A3/45/71A Single Ended Amplifier(ISO Tango XE20S)

Just starting brew 2A3/45/71A Universal Single Ended Amplifier on 1st Jan 2011
Just started brew 2A3/45/71A Universal Single Ended Amplifier on 1st Jan 2012.This Amplifier
is originaly 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier for 2A3C(NGG).also can be use as 45 and 71A Single Ended Amplifier.2A3 is 2 position
of condition of 2A3. one of RCA 2A3 type and other is 2A3C NGG type of 2A3.basically replace bias by 3 of external connector(11 pins)
just like octal US Base. but these are 11 pins Base.connector are more stable for amplifier.
this amplifier is order from audiophile of turky.kayra is name of doughter of Audiophiler.

almost schematic diagram are next.


V2 Model


V2 Model small versin up

components:Teflon UX socket,film 800V capacitor,Silmic for cathode bypass,nichicon electric
condensor,seiden high end rotaly switch,Toichi copper film capacitor for coupling capacitor.
tese capacitor are high end model capacitor in Japan.resistance are AMRG and Kiwame.
case is Takachi SRDSL-9HS long norse box.potenciometer are cosmos.RCA terminal are
super tron. binding post are big gold.Transformer : 2 of ISO Tango XE-20S and PMC518 and
Hashimoto(Sansui)PT-160V for 220V power supply high end type transformer.
cost of Amplifier is USD $ 3600 dollars on Jan 2012.this amplifier can be use tubes of
71A,2A3 RCA, 2A3C,2A3B, 45 and Emission Lab 45.this amplifier can not use WE275A.

Rectifier tube is GZ34 or GZ37.even can be use 5U4G too.much better use GZ34/5AR4
This amplifier using T-Cap(CU) high end capacitor as coupling capacitor.
T-Cap made by Toichi Industrie Japan. 4 of capacitor cost are USD $ 180 dollars.
and signal resistance are AMRG carbon resistance.for adjuste filamen voltage is
using shottkey diode because Schottky barrier diode can drop 0.4v so you can use intead of resistor.

sound is quite very nice 45 and 71A single ended amplfier.71A is ,just I don't believe
power of 0.7W rms.very nice musical sound got.I like 3 type of tubes as single ended amplifier.
if would liket to use Schottky diode for power supply or filament power supply,
you can get good solution power supply.S/N is very good.
as 71A and 45 Single Ended Amplifier sound is so nice.71A Single Ended Amplifier is
so good even very small power.
AMRG resistance

T-Cap (CU) Toichi

220V 用です。橋本トランス製です。PT-160V が型番です。+Bが280V-320V なので、320Vでは電圧が高くなりますので
71A シングルはおまけですので、これで大丈夫でしょう。と思います。

3 種類の真空管で使えるシングルアンプです。アンプ上部に取りつけた11 ピンのソケット付きコネクターで
71A はたったの、0.7 W ですので、めったに使うことはないと思います。11ピンのコネクターは、秋葉原の
各々の電圧を切り替えます。この場合、コネクターは3種類( 71A,45,2A3 用)必要になります。

音の傾向:初段と2段目で音が決まりますが、初段は無難な線が、12AU7(NEC)が一番良く、結構高価な、ECC802S は、
Ecc88は、JJ,Sovtek,philipsE88C(9622) でも構いませんが9622は発振する傾向がありますので、注意が必要です。
PT-160V は、280Vタップですので、PMC-170Mより、10V ほど低い為、300Vが10Vほど、低く2A3で300V
特に71A がこんなに良い音とは、思いませんでした。45も71Aシングルもとても良いですね、71Aはたった0.7W
とは、信じられない音が出ています。91dB/m/w のスピーカーでも十分な音量です。
別の機会に71A シングルアンプを製作しようと思います。71A の入手は横浜のマリンロード様からお世話いただきました。

フィラメント電圧はショットキイダイオードを直列にして電圧を調整しています。順方向は0.4V ほどになります。

お客様は神様です、お客様であるトルコのムーミンさんは、会計士でアメリカで学位をとり、帰国 公認会計士として事務所を持っている人で
彼 ムーミンさんは、メッセンジャーに託してアンプを日本まで取りに来ました。製品を輸入するとべらぼうな関税を支払わないといけないとの

heater circuit

Filamentes circuit for 2A3/45/ and 71A valves

small miner version

small version up,miner versin up

Kayra amp inside

in side are high end components off course using Toich T-Cap(CU)

as 2A3C Single Ended Amplifier

Kayra 2A3C Single Ended Amplifier on Feb 2012

45 Single Ended Amplifier

Kayra 45 Single Ended Amplifier on Feb 2012

71A Single Ended Amplifier

Kayra 71A Single Ended Amplifier on Feb 2012

Owner's room for Audio in Istanbul Turkey


Mumin's room in Istanbul Turkey

Mr Karamanli Audio room in Istanbul ,Turkey

Kayra 2A3 single ended amplifier in turkey

2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier in Turkey on 2012

in Turkey on June 2012

Mr Karamanli Audio room in Istanbul ,Turkey on 30th June 2012

Just a parts of Mail from Mr Mümin Karamanlı of Turkey on 27th June 2012.
♪♪ He said "sound quality looks like a nightingale."♪♪
source and speakers :CD Player is Naim ,Pre is47 Laboratory ,Speaker are Supravox.
Supravox : for Tweeter feild coil by active 11-12 volt DC.

Finally; I carried the speaker and fixed to amp; the result is unbeliveble.
The gain is still to high, I never open the knob too much.
I also tried different 2A3 tubes ( the stock one has a good bass; NGG 2A3C has more detail and powerfull.
Yesterday, I tried the PSVANE 2A3B and I fiqure out it plays more stable
and less excimet(?) and I love it more than NGG 2A3C.


just turn off light

Just turn off light in the room ,!!!!!!


And One of Amplifier Builder in Europa ,made up same circuit as 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier on FEB 2013

by Mr Sebastien Visiedo from Italy

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier in Italiy

one of copy of Kayra Single Ended Amplifier by Mr Sebastein Visiedo in Italy

I did some listening today, comparing it to the 2a3 and still the 2a3 is better. The 2a3 is much detailed and the music more articulated.

I built the pcl86 to listen to music most of the time and I am listening to the 2a3 only when I want to enjoy good music.
comment from him ,I got mail at 22nd Apr 2014 which he said.
really 2A3 single ended amplifier is very good sound stage. enough to use at home if do anyone has good efficiency speaker system.even old big KLIPSCH.

with cover

With white cover to see 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

his system in Italy

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier with his system 2013 Feb

Kayra copy and PCL 86 pp 2014

71A Single Ended Amplifier

71A/12A Single Ended Amplifier Sep 2013

300B single ended amplifier on 2016 Apr

300B Single Ended Amplifier Apr 2016

Encore 2017

Encore 300B Single Ended Amplifier -this amplifier same circuit of Kayra 2A3 on Dec 2017


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Coincident 300B VS Kayra 2A3 In Turkey on NOV 2012

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