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tube--Wel come to Site----------This site shown D.I.Y Single Ended Amplifiers-----almost valve amplifiers----some of digital staff--- ----Ham Radio --------Hi Fi sound to suppose be high end audio---etc etc-----from Sakura Chiba---Japan-------small city of Sakura located around 30Km west of down town of Tokyo ------very close to Narita International Air Port--- tube
Counter started on 20th Oct 2009 カウンター

wel,, what can I say!!!!!

I am doing support repair service for DoukAudio/Nobsound in Japan Market only

I have been providing repair support for Nobsound/DoukAudio Japan since mid 2020. All repair requests should be directed to Mr. Yuan at Nobsound Japan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
The price is compared to the price of the unit. The price is determined by comparing the price of the product. Most Nobsound products are designed for 110V use, so please use a step up transformer if possible.
Most Nobsound products are designed for 110V, so please use a step up transformer if possible. If you are looking for a step up transformer, please contact General Transformer Sales Co for a 100V to 110V transformer. Please order an isolation transformer if you can.
Please be aware that this is not authorized service support. It is not possible to improve the sound by repairing. supported by Mizushima Audio Lab .

un publised

VT62 SET Shishido

Shishido Type VT62/801A Single Ended Amplifier DIY

radio garden

Radio Garden warld wide live radio ,you can find any small town's station any counry and country side

A small town Internet station in the jungle, a small town internet broadcast in the desert,
a small town broadcast station in the mountain Internet distribution stations throughout the world Any broadcast station can find it.
Of course, you can also find the home station where you were born. It is a wonderful site.


Is it true that no one can deny it?


Hatt Audio

Hatt Audio Laboratory Japan --Audio Transformer Factory--


Japanese Radio Network on Line

Get Waterfox

Install Waterfox Best for Navigation ,very fast !!support Silverlight ,NPAPI Plugins

Encore 2017 Nov

300B Single Ended Amplifier ' Name of Amplifier is Encore on 7th Nov 2017

Smallest Project

very smallest server ,you can build up and inexpensive :) if would like see click above picture

on 2017 20th Mar

New Single Ended Amplifier for 300B using HO-808 Transformer on 20th Mar 2017

Bohemia 2021

This is Bohemia for Version USA 120V type 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier 2021 jan

Bifuu V3 as Cocoliso on Jan 2017

King of Single Ended Amplifier is 300B SET 300B Single Ended Amplifier

How about use for sound source from Raspberry Pi B+ This is not toy..High End Audio

Raspberry Pi B+

ISO Transformers (ex ISO TANGO)is re-Started
ISO Transformers Japan

Started from 2nd OCT 2016 as ISO TRANSFORMERS CO Japan

in English

they have FC-20S instead of XE20S only name of transformer is different.and Name of company is no more TANGO.
New company re-started by ex employee of ISO TANGO.real new company of ex ISO TANGO.and New Name of company is


If Visted Tokyo please viste Aitendo ,you can buy small chinese parts in Zone of Akihabara in Tokyo

New Amplifier 2014 Nov

4P1L Single Ended Amplifier UL and Triodo if would like to see

Fervox 45/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier on 2014

You can use,, 2A3, WE275A, 71A ,300A, 483 , 300B , 345, 45 ,but this is for 45/71A Single Ended Amplifier

I made it's,,,,and show you 2A3/45/71A Hashimoto H20-7U Single Ended AmplifierD.I.Y

I brew one Single Ended Amplifier for you_PRICE LIST of AMPLIFIERSmiz

The other site of FC2 Single Ended AmplifierD.I.Y

Fuluency DAC with Differential Pre-Amplifier 6DJ8DIY


Hashimoto Transformer H20-3.5U universal
Hashimoto(Sansui)H20-3.5U 2A3 / 45 Single Ended Amplifieron 24th 2014 from Sakura Chiba

This site http://www.single-ended.com has over 300 access's,from OUT OF Japan.
many thanks to " Audiophiler of the world ". from USA, France, Germany ,Italia
and Europa , Mid East country and Mediterranean country and Newzealand ,Australia recently.

Atsuko 71A Single Ended Amplifier 2013 Sep
indicateJust finished plan of 71A/12A Compatible Single Ended AmplifierD.I.Y

Just start one of plan of brew71A and 300B compatibleSingle Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

EL86/6CW5 Single EndedAmplifier withActive UL for Plan to build up

Simple DAC 2012

Valve Pre+4parallel DACwith Valve Pre

2A3 single ended amplifier

2A3 Single Ended re-buildSingle Ended Amplifier All resistance usingMetal film resistance from Apl 2012

Fluency DAC for 220Vwith Valve D.I.Y 2012

Testing other drive for 2A3C,2A3C Single EndedAmplifier D.I.Y and Test

Just Started 2A3/45/71A Universal Kayra Single EndedAmplifier for order as custom made

Just finished brew 1626Single-Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

Just finished built up 2A3-45 Perche Drive Single Ended AmplifierD.I.Y

EL11 Mono Single Ended AmplifierD.I.Y

Full Differential Push Pull Amplifier's Introducing

EL3N Philips Triode ConnectionSingle Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

indicateJames JS 6123HS 300B SE Amplifier WE300B SE Main Amplifier

300B/2A3 Single Ended Amplifier with Digital input300B/2A3 SETPerch Drive compatible Amplifier

under construction

2A3/45 Inter-Stage-Drive by 5687Trans-Drived 2A3/45 SETgood amplifier for 2A3 and 45

Dr tim Wiliams Amplifier D.I.Y 2011-2012

indicateTim Williams D.I.Y Perque Drive KT88 Single Ended Amplifierwith his sound A A to Z from Australia

indicateD.I.Y er from Germany LEBONG.DEAudiophile

Durandal's D.I.Y Amplifier _With_His_Sound_from Germany

Audiophile UK and Rohan Lowe Spanish Guitar Maker in UKRohan Lowe

EL34/E34L Triode Single Ended Amplifier--5 W rms Mini Power Amp

Mr Joaquin system 2012
indicate2A3 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y--45 and 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier Trans-DriveSETAmplifier

2A3/45 to 300B Single Ended Amplifier with Inter Stage Drive2A3 SET Inter Stage Drive only Testing

New(under construction)ISO Tango 2A3Perque DriveSingle Ended Amplifier

Emission Lab 45

indicateISO Tango XE20 2A3/45 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.YISO Tango XE 20S SE Amplifier//Recomended shematic for 2A3/45 SET//

EL156/6550/KT88 to KT120 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y EL156/6550 SE

Famouse Sakuma Amplifier IntroduceSAKUMA Direct Heating Amplifiers

His Transformer Drive are only MONO, he never use(built up) stereo amplifier as you know!!!


Master Sakuma's facebook link

indicateIntroduce 211 Single Ended Amplifierby Johannes LeBongfrom Germany

Violinst Maestro Tokitsu for his violin Music ArchiveSuper Good !!

Sings TOTOROFor Miyazaki Anime details

Miyazaki Hayao Anime Site STUDIO GHIBLIAll of Miyazakionly Japanese

From Canada, D.I.Yer Mono Block300B SE Amplifier by Mr Mervyn

US Live Internet Radio --List--of InterNet Radio Station

from 1995 to 2009 my sound _With_My_Sound_at Home

one of dialect famous other side of JapanKESEN GOin north of Japan

2A3/45 ISO Tango SET Amplifier Show Pictures(solamente fotos)

Fujii Amplifier how to function--Special Single Ended low distortion Amplifier

Nobu Shishido Circuit--only copy of Shishido's schematic diagram

Serbia High End ClubMr Alex P Audiophile

Como armar un amplificador a tubos--Valve Amplifier Made in Chile 2002

EL84 SE D.I.Y--EL84 Single Ended Amplifier

2C51(5670) Pre Amplifier 2C51 SRPP

6550 SE Amplifier to 300B,2A3 SE 6550amp

I am using ICEWM long time ,my OS of PC is Linux

Linux Terminal XP and OSX Like

6550 SE Amplifier How is 6550 SE cathode drive

2A3 SE Made in Chile 2A3 Single Ended

6EM7 Push Pull Amplifier 6EM7 PP

Amplificador ETECETRA Amplificador de Ultima Technologia

Other idea of my hand made product sitesingleended.web

Shishido and Soya amplifiersPositive grid drive

6AC5 SE Amplifier how to make6AC5 SE

6BM8 SE Amplifier how is ?ECL 82 SE

New type 2A3 like 300B 2A3's

RCA 45 Single Ended Amplifier 45 SE Amplifier

C Moy Head Phone Amplifier C Moy Amp

Other side of Yaha Amplifier D.I.Y-- 3A5 Single Ended HP Amplifier by +6V DC

Mini 20W

Tripath and ST Microelectronics Digital Amplifier D.I.Y TA 2020,TA 4100 and TDA7491HV

5998 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y 5998 SE

Line Amplifier--6C19 Single

EL86 Differential Push Pull Amplifier--EL86 PP Amp

PCL86 PP all differential

PCL86 Differential Push Pull Amplifier--PCL86 Push Pull Differential

5687 Differential Push Pull Head Phone Amplifier--Head Phone Differential PP Amplifier

Single Amplifier PT15

Pre Amplifier etc--Mini Pre Amplifier

IC Pre line Amplifier--IC Mini Pre Amplifier

Desk TopDesk TOP

Back Load horn how to make--Back LOAD HORN

SV811-3 Single Ended Amplifier--SV811-3 SE Amplifier

Bsch Linux how to--Bach Linux how to

PEN45DD Single Ended Amplifier--PEN45 DD SE Amplifier

Mr J Komiya Amplifiers Komiya AmplifierVery Expensive Small Amplifiers

Larry Hi Fi Singapore__By Hasegawa Amplifier_

6DJ8/6DT8 Differential line amplifier with DAC can be use 6BQ7 and 6N1Ptoo

Mini EL34/6L6GC Single Ended Amplifier--5 W rms Mini Power Amp

Simple CR RIAA SRPP pre amplifier--SRPP RIAA for MM and MC

Mini EL32 Mini wired Triode Single Ended Amplifier2 W rms Mini Power Amp(sound like DHT SE)

ECL82/6BM8 Differential Push Pull Head Phone Amplifier 2 W HeadPhone Differential Push Pull Amplifier

6EJ7 driving 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier 91B Type 2A3 Single Amplifier

How to make Audio TransformerAudio Transformer D.I.Y

how to get -12 volts from +5V for OP Amp IC LTC1144CN8make up minus volts from 15V from +15V

how to build up XLR inputXLR In puthow to make wire etc

Simple Non Over Sampling NOS DAC_PCM56 DACto 8 time Over Sampling DAC D.I.Y

DAC 24bit

FN1242A Fluency DAC with mini Valve PreDAC-PreAmplifier

indicateUSB to S/PDIF convertor D.I.YUSB/SPDIFConvertor

Super low cost Digital AmplifierTPA311220N2Small Amplifier//under consturaction

I love this site...next


Free Movie and TV from USA 、very nice site if do you understand english

俺の独り言(ヒトリゴト)Only in Japanese


Left-side color is_"red"_ is "doing something right now"
"or I am doing some up date."and indicate is"recently I did".

picture location is Akihabara(Electric Zone) Kanda Tokyo Japan on Nov 2009
Akihabara has more than 1000 electrtic shops.we can get any kind of electric parts.



Akihabara 17th Dic 2011

Akihabara electronics town on 17th Dic 2011


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Akihabara Walk around by google

Sun Audio is BF 1 Head Office


Sun Audio Japan

Audio Senka http://www.audiopro.co.jp/

Audio Senka

Noguchi Transformer Co 1BF

Noguchi Trans

Radio Depart Build

Akituki denshi

You Can buy many electronics component in Akihabara ,,,, http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/top.aspx

Kasuga Musen

Kasuga Musen, small Audio Transformer MFG and company is very small,they makes good staff for valve Audio

Koizumi Musen ,,Speaker Driver

Koizumi Musen Co,,, Speaker Driver

Amtrans Co


Oyaide Densen Co


Kanda myojin

Kanda Myo jin . Temple of Shinto.Kamisama of Akihabara and Chiyoda Zone, God of Work ,very beautuful place if visit Akihabara please visit this place

If would like to know more ?

7th Avenue

Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y By JH1DAS ex WB4ACI

How to build up Amplifier Single Ended Amplifier 2017

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