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This version is using ordinary circuit for 300B Single Ended Amplifier ,so Many Audiophile is using and
even same circuit of Sun Audio Amplifier.many company using this circuit for product in the world.and not use many componet for build up an amplifier
very much stable.driver is using 6SN7 but this one using 6CG7/6FQ7 because sound if very excite than 6SN7.
some one would like to orderd 300B single ended amplifier but get as low cost.so made plan show 300B Single Ended Amplifier as low cost.
out put is only 8 ohms and input is only one channel in stereo.out put is deliver around 8 W rms.
un balance.chassis may choose Takumi type or Cocoliso type.
The KT88 / 300B Single Ended Amplifiers around the world are said to use the circuits shown on this page, although there may be slight voltage differences. It is the circuit diagram with the highest success rate.
It is no exaggeration to say that many manufacturers use this schematic.
think. 6SN7 and 6CG7 are similar in special products. However
I think you can understand that 6CG7 produces a clearer and more energetic sound. The latest western amplifier also uses 6CG7. Maybe the schematic uses a similar circuit.
El impuesto de importación de Japón a Chile está exento del impuesto de importación de acuerdo con las regulaciones de importación de 2007.
Se creará un certificado de origen y se adjuntará al producto.
He realizado el certificado de origen del producto desde 2007. Este certificado es válido solo en Chile.
Note 2 : Economic Partnership Agreement、EPA

Every 2A3 and 300B single-ended amplifier in the world uses this schematic.
There may be some differences, but famous amplifiers, ordinary amplifiers, high-end amplifiers,
and even amplifiers made in China use the same circuit configuration as this schematic. In addition to the output vacuum tube,
there is one driver vacuum tube and a rectifier tube.
The difference is that different countries and manufacturers use different high quality transformers to make the difference.

asignment of bus-line for amplifier, any type of amplifier inside of chassis

low cost model of 300B Single Ended Amplifier

next 300B sun-audio 300B circuit show you .just like same kind of schematic diagram

sun audio

seems like all kind of 300B/KT88 Single Ended Amplifier circuit

sun audio

sun audio

B+ is 400V is correct .may be this one is sunaudio 300B schematic diagram

all of same circuit but only B+ is low for 300B so must be choose +B is 400V DC

300B Single Ended Amplifier

Bifuu V5 300B Single Ended Amplifier USD $ 2500 same circuit of sun audio type


If using ISO(ex Tango) using USD $ 3000 dollars

Note: Remittance is only by bank transfer. After ordering
It will take 4-5 months for the product to reach you.
We will manufacture after ordering parts after ordering.
It will be shipped after sufficient testing.

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