*  EL34/KT88/KT120 and KT66/6L6 SE Amplifier D.I.Y GEN 3

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EL34/KT88/KT-120 and 6L6 Single Ended Amplifier for Chile Model as Gen 3

This circuit configuration is like before, it is a circuit that was tested more than 10 years ago.
This is a custom-made transformer with a large capacity transformer as the power transformer. The first is a high voltage transformer made for a 300B single.
It is a large power transformer of 420V 200mA.
The first idea is to make it a choke drive. And I decided to use ECC83 without changing my original intention, but my feelings changed.
Perhaps I will try to use ECC83 again.
Pentodo single amplifier has low DF, so in the low range
Only UL connection is used this time for a boomy sound. I dare not use NFB. For low voltage, we will use a large FET to obtain 300V for 6L6 and 6V6. The high voltage is 420V.
this is the voltage of EL34, KT88, EL156, KT120, KT90, etc.

KT120/EL156 China Single Ended Amplifier can be use EL34/KT88 and 6L6/KT66 6V6

I replaced circuit diagram as cathode drive by 2 of valves .I ever used this circuit as cathode drive single ended Amplifier.one guy Amarican said this circuit
made good sound so I did replaced circuit .this is not new circuit but a little bit change circuit.and no tested.yet I will do some day in future.

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