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EL86 Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

Mullard EL86

EL86 UL single ended amplifier

Schematic diagram is show above as Single Ended Amplifier with UL

As you know EL86 of name of American is 6CW5.very similar physic with EL84/6BQ5.
EL86/6BQ5 is high plate voltage low current and high plate load. but EL86 is max 200V +B for plate
voltages.EL84 is 5K ohm and EL86/6CW5 is around 2.5K for plate impedance to use.
Ip-Ep charactor indicated next...
charactor of 6CW5

Charactor of EL86 ,Screen is 200V setup

EL86 single ended amplifier with UL

EL86 Single Ended Amplifier with UL on May 2012

can use low plate voltage less than 200V just not same as EL84.
so a little bit difficult to use regurar power transformer.I have to use 70mA and 170V Ep.
control grid voltage is 12.5V .

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link for EL86 full differential push pull Amplifier Introduce

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Single Ended Amplifier D.I.Y

How to build up Amplifier Single Ended Amplifier 2012

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