VT 62 Single Ended Amplifier by Nob Shishido Type


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Mr. Shishido: I think you were the world famous vacuum tube designer as Nob Shishido. I heard that in 1998, I was working for Kyodo News. He lives with me
he lived in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture, right next to the city. We were informed that we were from National Radio High School graduation. Famous here
I think it was Have uthority AudioPhile. He was a person who was active in the Sony shop. For some reason I was not acquainted. Was there any resistance? I do not know.

2A3 single trans-drive

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier trans-drived on 2010

schematic diagram 2A3

2A3 single ended trans-drived on 2010

2 of ShiShido Amplifier

Introduce 2 of Shishido Amplifier

shishido amplifier

shishido amplifier

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