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Your Raspberry Pi Linux work with ICEWM window maneger

Your OS and Browz are if indicated x11 linux using Linux or PC UNIX family smartphone are almost UNIX and iphone family are UNIX

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ICEWM Themes:this is themes for ICEWM
If are you using, Ubuntu, Debian please try to install ICEWM
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install icewm icewm-themes
Install is just this one.ICE.7z download then defroze by file maneger much better.then copy into .icewm

then ,, copy all of files of /usr/share/icewm into your home directly .icewm


directly of ICEWM on Ubuntu Mate, all of files copy into /home/usr-name/.icewm

and .icewm has themes holder so ICEWM.tar.gz 's files copy into "themes". then more than 100 themes you can use.
please try to use.would you if would like..


Click inside themes and you will find a file called default.theme.


Batman ice and  edit default.theme and can setup wallpaper etc etc


please use at local

Coy of ICE NIne

include icons

Edit "default.themes". Edit this file for detailed settings. The basic setting is to edit the "preference" in ".icewm" to change the position font and bar operation of the taskbar.
Set. There are detailed settings, so feel free to make adjustments. Individual settings are individual, and individual PC settings are edited in the first folder, that is, "menu" in ".icewm".
Edit this "menu" to edit the face. The menu is a template menu. If you click "Programs" in the menu, all installed menus will appear.
Only the first row can be edited in the [menu]. This is an example of a 64-bit PC that I use, but I will introduce the "menu" file. Icon file in icons in .icewm
You can use to display the icon displayed in the menu. The extension of the icon that xpm svg can display. You do not need to write the extension.
Let me give you an example. The automatic menus are "startup" and "programs.autogen" in .icewm. Copy these from "/usr/share/icewm".
if does not have program menu please install icewm-xdgmenu for add.

menu auto-generated files in raspbian Files on my workstation PC


ICEWM has more than 100 themes of WindowManeger

icewm monte carlo

Monte Carlo + cairo-dock

Batman themes

Icewm Batman ICEBatman

Raspberry pi with ICEWM


LXOT raspbian buster

Bat Man

Bat Man themes and play Games


You can install many themes and very easy.....and light weight

icewm on FC22

This wall parper FC22 Linux ICEWM ,but you can use any Linux and FreeBSD

ICEWM is very light weight window maneger for Linux and FreeBSD.themes is more than 300 and you can edit and make new one for
your desk top PC even Raspberry pi WarkStation.also need install Mate,KDE, Gnome for help your ICEWM.ICEWM is just presentation of
your PC. if Mate ,Gnome ,KDE are heavy to work,please try to install ICEWM .



How to use dd command on the other Linux terminal

first by the Linux terminal $ df -k
you can see /dev/mmcblk0p1 61079968 32 61079936 1% /run/media/user-name
last line...so micro SD mount name is /dev/mmcblk0p1
then $ cd
$ mkdir debian

so you can get "debian"holder on home directly then if image name is debian.img

inside of "debian directly" make down load files(img)etc
sudo or su change status
# cd debian
# dd bs=4M if=debian.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1

then other Linux terminal ,,,other one of terminal use,,make
# pkill -USR1 -n -x dd
then you can see next please enter key from other terminal mate-terminal etc.
# pkill -USR1 -n -x dd
# 6547308544 バイト (6.5 GB) 742.105 /s、 8.8 MB/s
if finished made images please make # sync for unmont Sd card.
basically use 2 terminal for command line and for make images(img)for raspberry pi,
please try to use dd command ,,off course need micro sd is format by ex4 or fat32
if are you using Linux workstation please install "gparted" for change "partation" of disc.does not need how to use # fdisk
Linux .not difficult use fdisk from terminal. even Pine64 has #resize_rootfs.sh for does not need fdisk and gparted.
automatically can use max capacity of micro SD.actually "$ sudo /usr/local/sbin/resize_rootfs " is correct.

# fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0
can see inside of micro SD....so you can see /dev/mmcblk0p1 2048 122191871 122189824 58.3G b W95 FAT32

You Can see Netflix by Pi2 and P3.
Watch by Netflix

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