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Your Raspberry Pi Linux work with ICEWM window maneger


Started 10th Aug 2017

ICEWM Themes:this is themes for ICEWM
If are you using, Ubuntu, Debian please try to install ICEWM
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install icewm
Install is just this one.
then ,, copy all of files of /usr/share/icewm into your home directly .icewm


directly of ICEWM on Ubuntu Mate, all of files copy into /home/usr-name/.icewm

and .icewm has themes holder so ICEWM.tar.gz 's files copy into "themes". then more than 100 themes you can use.
please try to use.would you if would like..
全てのファイルをhome ディレクトリの.icewm の中にコピーして下さい。上の私のホームディレクトリのテーマを解凍して.icewmの中のthemes の中にコピーして下さい。


ICEWM has more than 100 themes of WindowManeger

Raspberry pi with ICEWM


You can install many themes and very easy.....and light weight

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