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Small Company for High End Audio in Japan

some of Web site is not english version so please use google translation for each laungage to understand.

P & C Electronics/ Audio Valve Amplifier in Kit and original valves

Hobb Site but like Pro

Teramoto AF and idea of Soya Susumu Amplifier

ELP Corporation /Laser Vinil-LP Player

Shelter Audio --- Cartrige

Technical Brain Co.Japan for High End Power Amplifier please visit

MAXONIC ---SIT Amplifier and Speaker

Phase Tech Japan:DAC,Valve Amplifier and Pre Amplifier etc

Venetor Sound:DAC,MC Amplifier etc

Audio Professor Japan:Tube Amplifier etc

Roppongi Lab :Speaker and Box etc

Techno Craft/Valve Amplifier and SS Amplifier

Saya :High End Amplifier etc

Stax Japan :Head Phone Amplifier etc

Oyaide Cable : Cable,Wire etc

ACROLINK Japan :Cable, Wire etc

Kripton Japan:Speaker,Box etc

Triode Japan :DAC,Tubes Amplifier etc

Sun Audio Japan :Tube Amplifier etc

Softon Japan :DAC,Tubes Amplifier etc

EIFL Japan:EXPORT Japanese Transformer, etc

Spec :High End Audio Amplifier

Aurora Sound Japan:DAC etc

SD Audio :OTL Tubes Amplifier etc

Mactone Japan :OTL High End Tubes Amplifier etc

CSR Japan:High End Amplifier etc

Ratoc Audio Systems /Digital Audio equipments etc

My Sonic Lab:High End Cartrige etc

Shelter Japan :Super High End Cartrige etc

Sforzato Japan :Network DAC and High End Amplifier etc

Musashino HiFi lab /KOUETSU Catrige

Hatt Audio Lab .High End Audio Transformer

DS Audio optic cartrige for LP Vinil player

Kajihara Lab /MC Cartrige

Tiglon / Line Cable etc <

Acoustic Revive / Cable

ISO Transformer CO(ex TANGO Japan)

Sanei Denpa /components for Amplifier and Amplifier kits

Kasuga Musen Co/Amplifier Kits and small transformers

Toei Transformer/Audio and Power transformer

TAKACHI ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE /Any box even Chassis for Valve Amplifiers

general trans co Japan

theaudiofeast.com's transformer product are all of from General Transformer Sales made in Japan

FinMet Transformar price list of General Transformer sales



I brew -Hand Made Single Ended Amplifier for you_PRICE LIST of AMPLIFIERSmiz

too many ,slowly introduce you,,,,

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